Halong Bay 2 days – Tips and Sample Itinerary

The landscape of Ninh Binh

Wondering how you should spend your Halong Bay 2 days trip? In this article, we’ll provide some tips and sample itinerary that you can reference from.

Halong bay is well known for its stunning stone island system including limestone islands and schist islands. They gather mainly in two areas that are the south-eastern area of Bai Tu Long bay and the south-western area of Halong bay.

Having been abraded and weathered for a long time, Halong bay is now a spectacular and unique place over the world.

Halong Bay scenery

When To Go

When you set your feet on Halong, you can feel its seasons obviously. It has got two main seasons: the hot one and the cold one. As the weather from April to June is quite cool and not too hot, the period of time is an appropriate time for visitors to have Halong Bay 2 days trip.

In Halong, there are whirlwinds, and it is cold and foggy from September to October; therefore, visitors should avoid this period of time in order not to affect their sightseeing.

How To Go

Trains from Hanoi to Halong bay: You can use trains to reach Halong bay. Going by train just takes you 5 hours, and the ticket for a person costs about 100,000 VND (about $4.5).

Inside Hanoi train station

Coaches from Hanoi to Halong: The coaches usually gather at My Dinh Station and Luong Yen Station. After each 5 minutes or 15 minutes, there is a coach to Halong.

Motorbikes: You also go to Halong by motorbike. However, the distance from Hanoi to Halong Bay is about 160 kilometers and it is quite far. You should consider going by motorbike and prepare carefully for your health and safety before the trip.

Where To Stay for Halong Bay 2 days

Hotel services in Ha Long are quite developed, especially in tourist areas. At the weekend, the room rates are high and there is lack of rooms. This is due to the huge number of visitors, so you should take a trip on weekdays. You had better hire hotel rooms in Bai Chay area in order to get convenience in eating and travelling.

If you want to find an inn, you should reach Vuon Dao Street, in which rooms do not cost much, just more than 250,000 VND (about $11). Vuon Dao Street is also a place in which many good restaurants and tasty food stores with reasonable prices are accessible.

What To Eat

There are so many can’t-miss dishes when you visit Halong Bay 2 days.

Thunder crabs: The name may be strange to many tourists. Thunder crab meat is really delicious and nutritious. This kind of crabs looks like the normal one; however, it is three times as big as the normal one and its price is much higher.

Halong Bay fresh seafood

Mantis shrimps: This is one of the most common favorite dishes of visitors when coming to Halong Bay.

Sipunculus nudus: S. nudus is also known as sandworms. This is a kind of seafood which may just be found in Ha Long Bay. Sandworms stir-fried with leeks are really delicious.

Another dish that you cannot miss when travelling to Halong Bay is grilled squid. You can purchase that kind of food in market where grilled squid is hot and tasty.

Besides, if you have much time, you should try steamed sticky rice with grilled squid, Vietnamese stuffed pancakes with grilled squid, horseshoe crabs, “gat gu” cakes which are a kind of Vietnamese stuffed pancakes, fermented pork rolls, Hoanh Bo rice wine (wine from fermented sticky rice), etc.

Where To Relax and Entertain

Luon Cave in Halong Bay

Before your Halong Bay 2 days trip, you should look through the following list of amazing tourist attractions.

Halong Bay is famous for its beautiful islands. You can hire a yacht to look around and enjoy stunning islands of Halong such as Hon Rong which illustrates flying dragons, Hon Trong Mai, and Hon La Vong which refers to an image of an old man sitting fishing.

Bai Chay lying along with Halong Bay is an ideal place to relax and swim. In addition, Co To with appealing coral reefs is a peaceful and unspoiled island right among the bustling Ha Long Bay.

For the ones who love going to the beach and going swimming, Bai Chay resort is an ideal place with many excellent relaxing services and tourist services. If you are the ones who love pristine nature and want to enjoy peaceful atmosphere, you should visit Co To Island. It has alluring water and appealing coral reefs.

When travelling to Halong Bay, you must go to Tuan Chau Island. It is considered as the most beautiful island of Halong Bay and the most crowded one. When you come here, in addition to walking along the beach, you can have many chances to participate in a number of fascinating water games.

Cua Van Fishing Village

Hang Luon (Luon Cave) which is 14 kilometers far from Bai Chay is one of the biggest and most gorgeous caves in Ha Long.

Hang Sung (Sung Cave) is in the centre of Ha Long Bay, one of UNESCO world heritages. It has many stalactites with a diversity of shapes.

If you love sacred areas, Yen Tu pagoda is a must-see destination. Yen Tu pagoda is well known for its historical relics, and its peaceful atmosphere and beautiful landscapes right among the bustling and boisterous Ha Long Bay.

Cua Van fishing village is located near a calm sea. The village is surrounded by stone mountains named Va Gia – Cua Van. It is recognized twice as the world natural heritage by UNESCO. Cua Van is a must-visit destination when you travel to Ha Long bay, especially Cua Van is ranked in Top 10 of the most beautiful fishing villages and Top 10 of the most mysterious town in the world.

Halong Bay 2 days: Sample Itinerary

Below are the sample itinerary of Halong Bay for 2 days trip. Check out: for more itineraries and tour packages from Hanoi.

The first day: Travelling from Hanoi to Halong Bay

07h30 – 8h00: There are coaches coming to the gathering place to pick you up and then you will begin your 2-day-n-1-night tour to Halong Bay.

10h00: The coaches stop to take a rest in 20 minutes in Hai Duong city. After that, they continue the travel to Halong.

11h30: You reach Halong bay. The tourist guide will do the check-in for all of you, visitors to get on yachts and then visit landscapes and destinations of Halong Bay. 

12h20: You have lunch on yacht. At the same time, you have chances to obverse limestone mountains with a diversity of shapes and sizes that you just can see in Halong Bay.

14h00: You visit Thien Cung cave, one of the most alluring caves in Halong Bay. Next, you come to see Ba Hang fishing village and watch a number of mountains with their unique and meaningful names such as Hon Cho Da (Stone Dog Islet), Dinh Lu Huong and Hon Ga Choi (Fighting Cock Islet). You have many opportunities to explore the breathtaking beauty of Ha Long.

16h30: You come back to Halong port.

19h00: You have dinner, and then you have time to freely explore the at-night Halong.

Finish our first day of Halong Bay 2 days.

The landscape of Halong Bay

The second day: Going swimming and Coming back to Hanoi

5h00 – 06h00: You go to the beach and see the dawn. After that, you come back to the hotel and have breakfast as the time regulation of the hotel.

9h00 – 10h00: You are free to purchase seafood and grilled squid in Ha Long market. You have lunch at the restaurant.

12h30 – 13h00: After lunch, you get on the coach and begin coming back to Hanoi. On the way back to Hanoi, you stop to take a rest in Hai Duong city, in which you have chances to buy souvenirs for your family and friends.

16h30 – 17h00: You reach Hanoi and end your trip to Halong Bay in 2 days and 1 night.

That was the complete guide of Halong Bay 2 days sample itinerary and tips for you.

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