Halong Bay one day – Suggested Itinerary for 1 day in Halong Bay

Luon Cave in Halong Bay

Located 165 km far away from Hanoi, Halong Bay situating Northeast offshore of Vietnam, possesses about 2.000 islets and limestone outcrops with full of diverse dimensions and shapes, rising from the sea surface in peaceful emerald water. The surrounded atmosphere is covered with fog, which makes contribution to make this place more mysterious.

Halong Bay for one day trip

Best time to visit Halong Bay one day

Halong with gorgeous natural beauty is always the magnet attracting domestic and foreign visitors. The most ideal time for traveling to Halong is about from April to October every year. At this time, the weather has lovely sunlight, which is easy for you to go sightseeing and take photos in Halong. 

Means of transportation

If you live faraway, you can travel by plane or train to Hanoi, or directly Hai Phong and then, move to Halong. Moving in that way will not cost you so much but take you quite a lot time. Halong is 170 km far from Hanoi and it takes you about 3-4 hours by cars. Also, you can catch the bus in Hanoi directly to this place. The ticket price from Hanoi to Halong is about 60.000đ (passenger car). The price for hired motorbike from station to Bai Chay tourism area on the average is 15.000đ/person. 


Halong is the center of Vietnam tourism, so accommodation service here is also diverse. There are many levels from luxurious to economical ones for you to choose. You may select 3-4 star hotels at Bai Chay area with the price of 400.000đ and above.

What to eat?

Seafood in Halong Bay

Halong cuisine is so diverse and for Halong Bay one day, you can enjoy many cuisine here. You can pick the affordable one from the sumptuous restaurants to more saving ones when in Halong for one day. Some tasty eateries like: Panorama at 168 Bai Chay, Halong, Thien Ly restaurant in Cua Ong, Seafood restaurant in Halong, or Noi Nho restaurant at Tran Hung Dao street.

What to play for Halong Bay one day?

Traveling Halong for one day, you may choose a Halong Bay tour from an agency. Check out they have Halong Bay day tour. Or you can travel by yourself. These are the famous places for travelling in Halong Bay one day.

Bai Chay: With so many appealing tourism services, this is considered to be the head of Quang Ninh tourism and suitable for those who would love to take a rest, go to the beach in the annually average temperature 20 degree celcius and full of fresh wind.

Co To island: Co To still preserves the rare wildness inside the hustle atmosphere of Halong tourism.

Tuan Chau island: is the most splendid island in Halong Bay. Halong, with Tra Co beach and endless expanses of white sand, along with a range of interesting games by the sea always allures travelers. If you have Halong bay one day, spend the whole day in Tuan Chau is fine.

Tuan Chau Island

Luon Cave: Halong tourism takes pride in enormous grotto system, each grotto has its own beauty attached and stories behind. One of the outstanding caves is Luon cave locating in Bo Hon island, 14 km far from Bai Chay. Come to this place, you will have chance to view rosin layers created for hundreds of years with many diverse interesting shapes.

Thien Cung Cave: Thien Cung cave is located north of Dau Go island and is one of the most beautiful caves in Ha Long. The cave is nearly 10,000 square meters with a very complex structure, including many levels and compartments with very high and wide ceilings and walls. Especially in the cave, we see countless stalactites, stalagmites with strange shapes everywhere.

Sung Sot cave: Located in the central area of ​​Ha Long Bay World Heritage Site. Inside the Sung Sot Cave there are fossilized stalactites with variety of shapes. Sung Sot Cave is located in the area where many famous attractions of Ha Long tourism are located (Ti Top beach – Bo Nien cave – Me Cung cave – Luon cave – Sung Sot cave) and is named “Grotte des surprises” by the French.

Dau Go Cave: Located on the top of Dau Go island range, about 300m from Thien Cung cave. Dau Go is a large, beautiful cave with ancient and mossy features, French people call it “The Wonders of the Wonders”. Hang has a rich diversity of flora and fauna. Due to the expansion of the store, the humidity in the cave is high, plus the impact of sunlight, so the development of diverse flora, especially moss, ferns and Woody plants … This is a distinct feature compared to many other caves on Halong Bay.

Ti Top Island

Ti top Island: Titov is an island with steep banks with a white, flat sandy beach. The cruise ships often visit here. Guests go ashore to swim or climb to the top of the mountain to see the panoramic of the island. Looking down from above, Ti Top beach is shaped like a moon embracing the island. The beach, though not large, but quiet, airy and very clean, sand in the beach is constantly tidal and washed down, pure white, clear blue sea four seasons.

Soi Sim Island: Soi Sim covers an area of ​​about 8.7ha, located to the west of Ha Long Bay, about 12km from Bai Chay tourist port (Ha Long City). On the island is a primitive forest with a variety of plants, including many endemic and valuable plants. Local people said that because the island grows a lot of sim trees, they are called Soi Sim.

Cua Van fishing village: visitors not only drown into the peaceful atmosphere, intrude in the tranquil life of fishermen.

Relics in Halong: Poem mountain relic complex, Tran Quoc Nghien temple, Quang Ninh museum… are all relics many visitors select to visit when in Halong.  

Suggested Itinerary Halong Bay one day

Cruise in Halong Bay

We would love to introduce to you the timeline for one day experiencing Halong from Hanoi so that you can take it into consideration. 

8h – 8h30: Picking time at departure point. The journey on car to Halong will take you 3 hours and a half, on the way you may take a short break in Hai Duong for 30  minutes. 

12h: You reach Halong

12h15: You are on board to visit Halong Bay and have lunch on the ship. The first spot for you is Thien Cung cave which connected to historical stories fighting against Nguyen – Mong enemy in 1288 of Tran Hung Dao General

Ships will carry you to go sightseeing in some amazing nature wonders in Halong, namely Cho Da islet, Lu Huong islet, Ga Choi islet, fishing village,…

16h30: Travelers return to Halong tourism harbour, end 4 hours of going sightseeing the bay on the ship for one day. Visitors leave Halong for Hanoi. 

20h: Reach Hanoi – end the tour Halong for one day

That was everything in Halong bay one day you need to know. Hope you enjoy your trip to the beautiful Halong Bay and makes

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