Amazing! The best 4 Hanoi street food markets that you can’t deny

Amazing! The best 4 Hanoi street food markets that you can’t deny

You may hear a lot about Hanoi Street Food, but have you ever heard about Hanoi street food market?

You might know some places to eat some kinds of street food, but what if you want to taste all the food in one place?

Today, we will show you some famous Hanoi local markets for its variety of street food. They are also considered as food markets in Hanoi.

  1. Dong Xuan Market.

Dong Xuan is said to be the largest street food market in Hanoi.

You can find hundreds of foods here. This could be considered as the best market in Hanoi for food.

Yes, I’m not kidding, there would be hundreds.

Hanoi street food markets
Dong Xuan Market Che

If you are a foodie, this would be your paradise.

All types of food are served here: snack food, main dishes, and foreign foods are all here.

Hanoi street food markets
Banh ran Dong Xuan Market

If you are into Hanoi traditional foods such as “bun oc (snail vermicelli), bun rieu, banh cuon, bun cha, banh duc… You are in the right place.

Hanoi street food market
Bun Oc Dong Xuan Market

The stalls are so easy to find.

Apart from Hanoi foods, you can also have the chance to taste some Korean foods such as tokbokki, gimbap, fish shaped pancake…

Hanoi street food markets
Street food buffet at Dong Xuan market

No matter when you want to eat, you don’t have to worry much about the time here, since there are always some stalls opening.

When to go: You can go here anytime during the day. If you want to buy something else from food, lunch time is not a good idea.

How to get there: From the fountain near Hoan Kiem Lake (at the T-junction), go to Hang Dao Street. Walk along the street, go straight until you see Dong Xuan Market is on you right.

Location (for GPS): Dong Xuan Market.

  1. Hom Market (Cho Hom)

Cho Hom Market Hanoi is a highlight of Hanoi cuisine with the variety of the goods. Located right in the heart of Hanoi capital, Hom market is famous for selling vegetables, fruits and fresh food and especially traditional snacks of our country.

Since this wet market in Hanoi is famous for fruits, I suggest that you should come here in the summer, to taste the best traditional street food of Hanoi – dracontomelon.

Hanoi people created so many dishes from this fruit such as fried dracontomelon, soaked dracontomelon with ginger or with chili, or pickled dracontomelon.

Hanoi street food markets
Ripening Dracontomelon at Cho Hom market

They are favorite food of all Hanoi in the hot summer.  This is a typical Vietnamese market.

Another special thing about this market is that, you can find almost every traditional food of Hanoi.

Hanoi street food markets
Fried green rice flake at Cho Hom market

There are: bánh nậm, bánh nếp, bánh gio, bánh lá, bánh dày, bành giò, bánh cốm, bánh bột lọc

Hanoi street food markets
Banh gio at Cho Hom Market
Hanoi street food markets
Bánh giò at Cho Hom Market

When to Go: You should go here in the morning if you are also interested in fabric. Most of the fabric stalls have shut down.

How to Get There: Walk south from Hoan Kiem Lake for about 15 minutes. The market is on the corner of Tran Xuan Soan and Pho Hue.

Location (for the GPS): 149 Pho Hue

  1. Chau Long Market

This might seem the market with the high numbers of tourists, since Hanoi Cooking Centre is just right next to it. Sometimes, classes go here to have a quick lesson about Hanoi market tour.

This market is full of fruits, veggies, and snack. Most of tourists are into the beef jerky (dried beef).

Beef jerky might have all the flavors you would like to have for a snack.

Hanoi street food markets
Dried beef jerky at Chau Long Market

It is sweet, tangy, and a little bit sour from the kumquat. As you chew it, it gradually becomes soft and chewy. You will also feel the spicy.

You can also find some stalls that sell Nộm (sweet and sour salad), Beef jerky is one components in that food. You must try that.

Hanoi street food markets
Nom Chau Long Market

Near the gate of the market, you can easily find a woman (Mrs. Bích) who sells tofu with grass jelly. She also sells different types of porridge with the taste of tradition.

When to go: Early morning if you want to taste tofu.

How to Get there: It’s a short walk from the Old Quarter. Just head north toward the lake. It should take about 20 minutes.

Location (for the GPS): 112 Tran Vu

  1. Thanh Cong Market

Thanh Cong Market has nearly every traditional dish of Hanoi. If you are not near the Old Quarter, and living near Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, this market is perfect for you to explore Hanoi’s cuisine.

You don’t have to go around Hanoi to taste the dish on your Hanoi Food list.

In the market there is a stall famous for mashed porridge, mussels and crumbs are crispy and very attractive. The porridge here is cooked with Hue recipe that smells delicious rice powder.

Hanoi street food markets
Mashed porridge at Thanh Cong Market

Besides the sweet soup, you can also try the delicious sweet and sour salad here to cool off the summer days. In addition to dried beef salad there are many unique salads such as spring salad, jellyfish …

Hanoi street food markets
Jelly salad at Thanh Cong Market

In the autumn or in the winter, deep-fried dishes are the best choice. The stalls are quite near each other, you can walk to taste them all.

When to go: For this market, the best time to visit is in the afternoon.

Location (for the GPS): Thanh Cong Market

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