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St Barts beaches

There are nearly 20 white sand beaches on St Barts. They are all free to the public and relatively free from crowds. Topless bathing is allowed on all beaches. Nude sunbathing is officially prohibited by law on St. Barts, but according to, people visiting the beach of Anse de Grande Saline and Anse de Gouveneur often seem to have forgotten their bathing attire (sshhh...!).

St Barts beach bars

The beach bars in St Barts are not the rustic shacks you would find elsewhere in the Caribbean. The St Barts beach bars are stylish and hip. Here is a summary of the more popular ones:

sand bar eden rock st jean beach st bartsSand Bar (at Eden Rock), St Jean Beach. Delightful restaurant under canvas cover on St Jean beach.

Nikki Beach, St Jean Beach. Incredibly stylish stopover, of Miami Beach and St Tropez fame. White walls, and muslin drapes and lots of cushions offset by hefty, low Oriental furniture, giving onto the white sand of St Jean beach.

Do Brasil, Shell Beach/Grand Chalet. Cool daytime hangout just outside Gustavia.

Lafayette Club, Grand Cul de Sac. Dining room on open deck with pool, boutique and fashion shows.

Cocoloba, Grand Cul de Sac. Simple, easy-going affair on the sand, looking out onto the shallow water and waves breaking on the distant reef of Grand Cul de Sac.

St Barts beaches

Anse des Cayes

A wonderful location for surfers and fans of water sports, as well as divers. If you choose to stay on the surface, though, you still won’t be disappointed. Restaurants at Anse des Cayes: Ristorante Fellini (at the Hotel Manapany, Italian food), New Born (fresh fish) Back


This beach is still called "Rockefeller's Beach", because, for many years, David Rockefeller owned the property that surrounds it. It is a popular Sunday picnic spot for local folk, who traditionally camp out for the night during Easter weekend. Only accessible by boat or by a 30 minute walk. Back

Corossol Beach

To get a true sense of the traditional culture of St. Barths, one must journey to Corossol Beach where you'll find a village once home to St. Bart’s fishermen and now home to ancestors of the original inhabitants from France. Watch villagers of Corossol weave intricate straw baskets and on special occasions, you can catch the women of the village wearing their traditional dress from France and quichenotte bonnets. Come enjoy a life much more simpler then modern architecture and mega resorts and find a Corossol Beach vacation rental. Back


This long and deep beach can have impressive rolling surf during the winter months, though swimming is rarely hazardous. Flamands Beach is a gem and is never crowded. Hotel St-Barth Ile de France and La Langouste are handy for lunch or a drink. Back

Grand Cul de Sac

Grand Cul de Sac Beach has one of the calmest waters of St. Barts. Like Lorient Beach, Grand Cul de Sac Beach is reef protected. Children can enjoy playing in its shallow waters and you can too. Find out just how far you can walk into the lagoon as you watch windsurfers go by. With hotels, restaurants and a ton of water sports, there is fun for all. Back

Gouverneur - Anse du Gouverneur

Otherwise known as Anse du Gouverneur, Gouverneur Beach is a popular spot for nude sunbathers due to the strong sunlight. However, white sandy beaches await you on this unspoiled stretch of beach on the southern side of St. Barths and many can find themselves surfing the waves, or snorkeling by the rocks. Back


For calm waters and beautiful views of the reef, check out Lorient Beach. Located on the north side of St Barthelemy, visitors can enjoy good swimming in an area which is seldom discovered by tourists and only a few fishing boats. Back

Marigot Bay

Few swim here because of its small size, but those staying in private villas will enjoy the view from towering palm trees and having the beach all to themselves. Back

Petit Cul de Sac

A favorite among locals, Petit Cul de Sac is a gem to find with its calm waters and beautiful white sandy beaches. You'll find nothing but peace and tranquility in this protected lagoon on the northeast corner of St. Barthelemy. With the size of the reef and the depth of the water, you'll find opportunities for snorkeling adventures. Back


A splendid beach of white sand and turquoise sea, backed by a scenery of rolling green hills: so postcard-like it is almost unreal. If you are a fan of these incredibly cliché beaches, all you need to do is drive further up north to delight in at least a handful of them. Grande Saline is a quiet beach, accessible only on foot from the parking area. It hosts no coral reef, and can thus sometimes be windier than other areas, and swimming is difficult here, so be especially prudent. Its name originates from the salt marshes exploited here by Saint Bartheans. Nudism is permitted on this beach. Back

Shell Beach - also known as Grand Chalet

Just south of Gustavia, rests incredible Shell Beach. Visitors of Shell Beach vacation rentals will enjoy collecting an array of unique shells amongst the calm waters and sunbathing and swimming amidst the breeze. Back

St. Jean Beach

The island's most popular beach, best known for its white sand beaches and calm waters perfect for swimming and sailing. Close to the airport. There are many restaurants and bars on the beach. Snorkeling is great. Restaurants: Nikki Beach (Sushi, Tapas, Bar, Pub, Brewery), Le Piment (International, Burgers), La Plage in the Tom Beach Hotel (Caribbean, Seafood), La Créole (Pizza, Deli, Sandwiches), Kiki-é Mo (Italian, Deli, Sandwiches, Pizza), The Sand Bar, in the Eden Rock Hotel (Contemporary, French, Fusion) Back

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