Useful St Barth’s info

Useful St Barth's info

St Barths beach map

st barths beach mapThere are fourteen beaches on St. Barths, all blessed with gleaming white sand. Click here for a St Barths beach map and descriptions of the St Barthelemy beaches.

How to dial St Barths

Example: You need to call Avis in St Barths. The number is listed as 0590-27-71-43. If you are in St Barths, calling from a local phone, just dial the number as is.

If you are outside St Barths and need to place an international call, start with your international prefix (usually “00” on fixed phone lines, “+” on cell phones and “011” in the US). Then add the country code “590” and remove the “0” from the area code,i.e. +590-590-27-71-43. If you dial from the US the number would be 011-590-590-27-71-43

Rental Car Service

Avis: +590-590-27-71-43
Hertz: +590-590-27-71-14

Taxi Service

Gustavia – 0590-27-66-31
St.Jean – 0590-27-75-81


220v – 60 Hz

Emergency Numbers

Hospital De Bruyn, Gustavia
Tel: +590-590-27-60-35

Gendarmerie / Police Station


Fire Station

+590-590-27-62-31 or 18


Pharmacie Saint Barth in Gustavia – +590-590-27-61-82
Pharmacie de la Savane, opposite the airport – +590-590-27-66-61

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